Blog Post: Out with the Old, In with the New

Goodbye to the "Voldemoort" of ALL Years

"I really feel like this is going to be my year!"

All of us at 11:59PM on Dec 31, 2019 Tweet

Where does the time go?

It seems like just yesterday I was closing my eyes and wishing away the Voldemoort of all years and hopeful toward a more peaceful few years ahead.  I blink my eyes and get lost in a few projects and it’s already three weeks into the year!  Where did all this time go?  Not just the first few weeks…but the last year! 

I had plans in 202—last year, just like we all did.  Those plans were squashed by my own procrastination and lack of drive.  I paid the price for that as quarantine hit, shipping halted and the supply chains for just about everything were stopped in their tracks.  THAT year was going to be the year I kicked in the video aspect of what I want to do, taking my podcasts and going on-camera, doing interviews with people I know – fascinating people – just regular people – and traveling to have these conversations!  I had big ideas for more podcasts and vidcasts and an all-inclusive YouTube channel and tutorials and helping others through my own stories!  But, I had to get my video studio built.   

Yeah.  Hardly any of that happened. 

Instead, I was hit unprepared with no real workspace in my home to begin with.  Then, when the kids and wife were home…and our 6 cats….I couldn’t work on ANYTHING because my wife was doing telehealth visits from our living room.  And thank the gods for that!   Just like everyone, our income was affected.  And, I was thankful for this new job of hers – her first as a Nurse Practitioner.  Had she had her previous job, she would be working in the most critical of critical care units, her specialty area as a Registered Nurse.  My wife would have been on the frontest of front lines.  She would have almost certainly had to stay elsewhere or risk infecting all of us.  So, while her career currently sort of consumes her, we are grateful she gets to help people in a more safe manner.

202—Sorry—the Voldemoort of all years, hit everyone hard.  I am gradeful it didn’t hit us harder.  We escaped the year with no significant personal loss to our family or close circle.  Those in our circle weren’t so lucky, but thankfully we played it safe, adhered to guidelines and I haven’t seen my mother in a year (And I haven’t staged a f***ing coup over it, either).  Still, the Voldemoort of all years derailed me from my path.  It taught me some hard lessons.  Hopefully, lessons from which I will learn.  

As I looked at the end of 2019, I had filmed my 10th television show appearance, which would premier in the Spring of the following year.  I was on three television commercials in the market and 2 radio spots.  Just in Knoxville, where I life.  I had commercials, social, tv, and radio, running regionally and across the world my work was being featured.  I felt like leaving 2019 behind, things could ONLY look up.  I’m not talking about hitting the big time, but for the first time in my life…I felt like a WORKING actor.  I was making a living doing what I’d always wanted to do. 

And then….

So, 2021 is just a continuation of 2019.  I’m Bobby Ewing in the shower.  The entire last year was a dream sequence. 

I’m taking the credits for the work I did last year, the Voldemoort of all years, the year that shall not be named.  I’m blessed to have been able to get work pretty much as soon as the restrictions lifted.  And I’ve worked pretty steady since. 

So, what’s in store for 2021?

No.  I’m NOT doing that.  Best laid plans and all. 

But, I will say this:

I’ve spent 202—-The last year or so—analyzing my own personal wants and needs for my life, my career, and bigger picture things about the world and the struggles our nation faces, forgive me for the voiceover cliché, “…in these dark, uncertain times”.   What I know is that I am a creator by trade and a fixer by Calling.  So, I’m tired of running.  I’m tired of hiding.  I’m tired of shirking the responsibility of my experience. 

Coming soon…

More Overthinking Everything episodes.  I love doing these because it’s an opportunity for me to learn, teach, and express myself.  I am able to share my ideas, related through my experiences, and hopefully touch someone going through something similar. 

I’ve enjoyed my Overthinking Everything mini-episodes, Quick Thoughts, as well.  However, very few of my thoughts are quick. 

I am going to start a podcast about parenting, being a Dad, fighting a custody battle, surviving divorce, and more things related to the dark period when my daughter was kept from me.  It’s time to share and open that up, regardless of how painful it might be.  I simply have no choice.  Too many people are hurting and I can help. 

I want to start a podcast about acting – for actors and wannabe performers.  Look at my IMDB.  It isn’t much to brag about.   While I can’t talk to you about how to become Brad Pitt, I can speak to some experiences and observations from the perspective of a working actor trying to make it to that next level – or not.  Again, I feel there is a lot to add to this. 

I am going to start a podcast about automotive business development and internet sales and marketing strategies.  This is an area where I have a considerable amount of knowledge and experience.  It’s time I mine that a little more. 

I’m looking to be on podcasts and find guests for mine.  Recording Zoom/Streamyard chats and putting those on YouTube in long and short form pieces. 

Here’s what I know:  It’s into the 3rd week of the year.  I’ve busted tail.  I’ve built my video studio and will be doing more and more projects.  Just F***ing Create!  This is my motto from here on out.  I’ve given some time for the old year to wear off.  It was a tough ride.  But now it’s time to carry the momentum. 

In a time of national crisis, I found solace in creating.  A video I made of one of the Capitol Traitors went viral and launched my YouTube channel to grow views and subscribers exponentially.  Blows my mind.  But, now it’s time to create the next viral thing and grow my brand more!  Reach more people.  Help the right people find me.  And see where all of this can go.  What I know is…it’s time to help people. 

Will you help me?  I’d love to have you along for the ride. 

*Sings the Mister Rogers Theme while changing into slippers and a cardigan*