This New Book Can Help Social Media Content Creators Create Better, More Compelling Content and Grow Their Brand On Social Media and Beyond!

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My new book, INFLUENCE, is filled with advice, philosophy, and ideas to help grow your social media brand beyond a single app.  A professional actor, voiceover artist, music recording artist, social media activist and author of The Compassion and Critical Thinking Workbook, I feel like my experience and perspective could benefit the many talented people I see stepping up to the microphone and in front of the camera.  I believe social media is the new frontier of entertainment media and we all are the pioneers!  

Today, anything is possible, and it has never been easier to express yourself.  In INFLUENCE, I am offering my perspective on the social media entertainment landscape through the lens of three decades of experience spanning the areas of broadcasting, entertainment, journalism, marketing, and social media.  I want to help us all grow and be better – creating a better, more professional and respectful social media space.  

So, why should you buy this book?  I believe the book itself is full of valuable information even those who have already found success on social media could benefit from.  I also believe this is good information for anyone considering that journey.  I also believe that the bonus materials and supplemental downloadable worksheets, PDFs, and other materials will be valuable tools as you pursue your dreams of social media INFLUENCE.  

In this book you will learn about many aspects of social media from character development, content creation, preparation, and more.  You will learn about the importance and responsibility of having a social media platform.  You will learn how to prepare yourself so that you and your content are ready if and when someone comes to “discover” you!  

Learn about yourself, what motivates you to be on social media, and what are your goals?  Are you someone who dreams of having a bigger career or are you just happy to finally have a platform to express yourself?  INFLUENCE by Josh Brandon is a book that can help content creators better understand themselves, their audience, and their content.



Tips and tools to help you create more compelling content and grow your audience through planning, critical thinking, and preparation.  


A basic breakdown of philosophies and ideas behind broadcasting versus social media and the responsibilities, obligations, ethical, and legal considerations of being in the social media space.


Ideas, advice, and perspective of a career entertainer on how to grow yourself from a username on an app into a social media personality and maybe more than you ever dreamed of!

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My book, INFLUENCE, is Overthinking Everything About Social Media, and is available on Amazon.  

Influence by Josh Brandon About the Author

Please be sure to check out some of the supplemental materials currently available.  These tools, worksheets, and more can help you along your journey and can help you create compelling content.  

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