Josh Brandon Media


My mission is to do what I love while helping others grow their brands, build their business, and increase their bottom line. I love helping others accomplish their goals and achieve their dreams, in whatever way I can.

Voiceover Services

  • Radio/Television Commercial – National, Regional, or Local voiceovers for commercials
  • Radio/TV Imaging – Voiceover for radio stations of all formats with various delivery styles to fit different station personalities
  • Voice Acting – Videogame, Audio Drama, Animation, or Film roles featuring various characters and accents
  • Audiobook Narration – Audiobooks, Audio Dramas, Children’s Book narration, Novels, Biographies, etc.
  • Corporate/Industrial Video – Product Videos, Testimonials, Explainer
  • ELearning/Tutorial – Training videos, Instructional, Educational
  • Podcast – Intros & Outros for YouTube or Social Media Podcasts or voiceover of blogs
  • Phone/IVF Systems – Recorded prompts for phone business phone systems and voicemail services


  • Television
  • Film
  • Commercial
  • Live Events
  • Emcee
  • Spokesperson
  • Moderator/Interviewer

Social Media / Podcasting Coaching and Consultation

  • Content and growth strategies for TikTok
  • Content strategies for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Insta
  • Podcasting / Streaming Consultation

Life and Career Consultation / Guided Deconstruction*

  • Guided Deconstruction program to help better understand past toxicities, trauma, issues, etc.  
  • Life / Personal Consultation for better outcomes 
  • Online Workshops
  • Group and individual personal consultation
  • Career Consultation and Future Path Strategies

Speech Communication and Public Speaking

  • Speech Communication training, instruction, lectures, and seminars
  • Public Speaking training, instruction, lectures, and seminars
  • Interpersonal and Professional Communication training, instruction, lectures, and seminars
  • Speech writing, editing, proofreading, and consultation
  • Wedding Toasts, Eulogies, Business Presentations, and any public speaking engagements

Talent Coaching/Demo Production

  • Coaching for Voice Artists
  • Coaching for Radio Personalities (All Formats)
  • Coaching for Stage Performers & Public Speakers
  • Audio Demo Production for Voice Artists
  • Audio Demo Production for Radio Professionals
  • Studio Setup Consultation

Media Consultation

  • Consulting for radio stations (Country, Alternative/Active/Classic Rock, CHR, AC/Hot AC)

Advertising/Marketing Solutions

  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Marking Campaigns
  • Copywriting
  • Promotional Planning

Digital File Conversion / Production

  • VCR-to-Digital Video
  • Audio Tape-to-Digital Audio
  • DVD-to-Digital Video
  • Photo-to-Digital Video
  • Editing / Treating Audio/Video

*This is NOT professional mental health treatment.  I am not a mental health professional.  This program is suggested to be in coordination/conjunction with therapy or a trained mental health professional.