Professional Services

For promotional materials and all things marketing, I rely on Matt Shelton Design.  When you watch my videos, my JBM Logoed Apparel is brought to you by Matt Shelton!

My Equipment

I get asked all the time what it takes to do what I do.  I’ll say that the best equipment isn’t cheap, but you can get a professional finished product with a reasonable investment.  Below, I’ve got a list of equipment I use, have used, and recommend.  If you have any questions, please email me!  

Autonomous Standing Adjustable Desk

A studio isn’t much without a desk.  I needed an adjustable desk with the auditions I do and content I create.  Autonomous is a great company to deal with and I absolutely LOVE this desk!  

Autonomous Ergo Chair 2

It’s a chair.

My Megaphone

I know you wouldn’t think I need one of these as loud as I am, but for protests and sending Nazis and white nationalists back to the holes they crawled out of in shame and humiliation this is what I chose.  

RODE NT1 Microphone

For a voiceover artist, choosing a microphone is like a wizard choosing his wand (or the wand choosing him).  In this case, I had toyed with a few different microphones.  Upon the recommendation of a friend and colleague, I decided on the Rode NT1 microphone.  

This “kit” solved some space-restriction issues in my studio, as well.  Offering some versatility in setup, with the included wind screen, for the price point, you can’t beat the Rode NT1!  

Scarlett Interfaces

I originally built my studio with the Scarlett 2i2, but the earlier generation of that was restrictive in some of the specs.  In order to do more audiobooks, I upgraded to the Scarlett Solo, which only offers one primary input, but for my recording studio, that’s all I really need.  I’m a fan of the Focusrite products, and there are many different configurations to suit different needs.  I like the USB connectivity.  

PC / Workstation

Working on a Dell Gaming laptop for the last few years, I needed something capable of more.  I decided to turn to the pros at Origin to custom build the video workstation that would handle everything I and my clients need.  

Logitech Gaming Mouse

For most of my professional life, I learned to master Adobe Audition with a standard mouse.  Trust me when I say that getting a mouse with more buttons and functionality is a MUST for on-the-fly editing.  

Logitech Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

I like curvy keyboards.  This is a good option, but the hard plastic keys aren’t as quiet as I prefer, but the options and features are appealing.

Rode Mic Arm

A Mic’s gotta have an arm, right?  The Rode NT1 is a heavy unit and requires this heavy duty mic arm.  

Rode VideoMic

This boom mic is a solid option to top a camera on-location or play Ash and break out a boom-stick.  Mounted in a studio, it makes a really solid off-camera option.

Lenovo Qreator 27" 4K

These 4k monitors provide excellent color for Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop.  On-board sound is great, but for audio/video studio monitors, you’ll probably want something external.  Using dual-sound isn’t convenient (if possible), but the charging pads on the mount cleans up the loose wires on my desk.

Acon Digital Deverberate

You gotta have this plugin unless you’re in a sensory deprivation chamber!  

Rode Wireless Go II Microphones

For the talker on the go, who doesn’t want to look like they’re wearing a mic.  Clips or moleskin, these offer great sound!

Antares Auto-Tune Access

The light-version of our most aggravating music crutch.

SmallRig Clamp

These work just about anywhere and offer different angles.

More LED Lights

These lights aren’t great for casting true white, but they are really good for other uses (colors, backlight, rimlight, etc) 

Glow Tape

This is more just for fun, but when you need to mark in the dark, you need glow tape.  

Sony A-6400 Camera

This camera has lots of options.  Studio camera or out in the field, this is a great 

Wali Arm extender

Arms to hold your most sensitive gear.

Wali Desk Mount

This clamps to your desk and allows you to mount lights, camera, mics, and just about anything you need for your multi-media workstation.

Tablet holder

This tablet holder works with most tripod mounts and is ideal for many uses.  I use this for my tablet as a teleprompter.

Beats by Dre

When you want good sound, you trust Dre.

Samsung Tablet

For clients who have longer scripts, like video sales letters, testimonials, or anything else that might require a teleprompter, a tablet with the right app, mounted behind the camera, works great!  

Cellphone Neck Mount

If you want to do a “walk-and-talk”, this is a good option, though a little limited in length.  I haven’t found an “extra-long” version, so this is good but you’ll have the camera in your face if you’re using for social media.  

16-Outlet Power Strip

LOTS of stuff to plug in.

Leather Desktop Pad

A cover for your desk to keep it clean and make it a little softer.

White Balance Screen

I’ve used this twice, but if one needs to white balance their camera, this is a good option.

HDMI 4K video Capture Card Adapter

This 4K HDMI-to-USB adapter ensures you get the best quality video

10-Port USB Hub with Fast-charging

Before I bought a computer with 11,000 USB ports, I bought this.  It’s still half full.  

Under-desk Footrest Hammock

I need to extend my legs sometimes.  So, I have this.

Desk Clamp Multi-Ringlight Phone Holder

I’ve gone through two of these.  My current one decides when it wants to work.  

1'x1' Square Foam Panels

These do the job of helping control some of that sound bounce.

Foam Corner Bass Traps

Terrible for fish, great for sound.

Ball Mount

This doesn’t hold much weight, but for lighter gear, this works well.  Nice level on the knob.  

Fositan LED Sheet Light Panel

this came on recommendation from another creator and I’ve loved it.  It casts a nice white and the diffuser softens it even more.  The remote makes it even more convenient. 

EMart Collapsible Greenscreen

This is a game-changer.  9 feet long and it stands tall enough to clear this 6’1″ headroom!  Sturdy and durable!

Tripod Screw Adapters

No two holes are the same.

IVISII Pocket RGB LED light with Internal Rechargeable Battery

I LOVE THIS LIGHT!  I use it as my backlight.  

AirTurn Bluetooth Foot Pedal Controller

Pedal controls for a teleprompter

T-Frame Backdrop Stand


Boom Mic Arm

Here come da boom!

Clamp-style flexible phone holder

Each studio or recording space is different.   These thick, heavy moving blankets with reinforced grommets for hanging.  

AudiMute Two-sided Greenscreen Sound Blanket with grommets

Each studio or recording space is different.   This offers green-screen on one side and black on the other.  It’s a frosted Mini-Wheat of sound blankets!  Comes with reinforced grommets for hanging. 

Boxer Tools Sound Blankets (with grommets)

Each studio or recording space is different.   These thick, heavy moving blankets with reinforced grommets for hanging.  

Laptop Cooling Pad

Multiple fans with speed control all charged off a USB port.  

Adobe Audition audio production software

From the earliest days of Cool Edit, Adobe Audition builds on what worked for decades and made it 100x better.  This is the industry standard!  

Adobe Premier video production software

Video editing made easier with plenty of options and features.  

Adobe Premier Rush basic video editing software

Premier Rush is the basic version of the deluxe Premier.  Rush is the program I use edit self-tape auditions for commercials and television.  It’s got all the basic functionality you need from its big sister, but Rush keeps it simple.

The Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

Personally, I prefer the Adobe Creative Cloud family.  From After Effects, Photoshop, Audition, and Dreamweaver, this package is essential for creatives.

Laptop / Mouse Pad

Call me old school, but I like a mousepad.  This is huge and lays under my laptop and creates a much larger workable surface, while protecting my desktop.

Curved Shower Curtain

Believe it or not, this is something I bought for my first voiceover studio, which was a smaller closet.  If you have a smaller walk-in studio like I did, this can help give you a little more breathing room.  I have a solid core door, but a blanket hanging on this rod gives you additional sound dampening and space!  

Dog Training Clicker

Sometimes when I’m in the studio working on voiceover projects, this clicker helps me mark edit points.  

(And if you’ve ever heard my stand-up routing, you know these are good for child rearing, too!)

Home Video Kit (Lights, Backdrop, etc)

Studio lights, 3 different backdrops, and stands for it all.  This is a really all-in-one setup.  You’ll need some space to set it up, but this really does help your productions look more professional.  

LED Studio Lights

Mounted in my studio to offer more professional lighting when I want to record or do video conferencing while I’m working. Bi-color adjust.  

Monitor Wall Mount Arm

A dual-monitor setup isn’t mandatory, but it sure helps.  This mounts my 2nd studio monitor above my laptop.  The sleek design particularly is what really interested me. 

LED Light Bar

Bought on recommendation, this LED Light bar is mounted in my studio directly behind me over my head.  With magnetic wall-mountable panels, you can easily store this on the wall, or pull it off for more manual, direct light when needed.  

RODE Lavalier Mic (for mobile)

Made specifically for those of us on the GO, this Lav mic plugs right into your phone’s headphone jack to offer crisp, clean vocal quality above even the on-board mic, which is pretty impressive in most phones nowadays.  This offers a more direct audio product without the background noise.  

Moleskin Tape

I’m not a fan of clipped mics.  I prefer them under the shirt.  Moleskin is what we use on sets and in theatre to stick the microphone to my chest.  

Side effects:  May cause bald spots, if you’re hairy.

SHURE Lavalier Mic

Shure, one of the most trusted brands in audio engineering, offers one of the most cost-effective answers to mobile recording.  I’ve used this on my laptop as well and I have to say the audio quality is VERY good.  This was my first lav mic and you know what they say – you never forget your first.  

Magnavox VCR/DVD Combo


Roxio VHS Digital Conversion Kit

One of my goals was to convert all of my old VHS footage to digital.  Granted, upon seeing some of this early work of mine, I will be recommending a fire pit next.  

Roxio is a brand I trust from my early days building computers, so I went to them when I wanted to work on this project.  

VHS Mini Adapter

One of my favourite Christmas gifts as a kid was the video camera my mom got for me (I STILL own it!).  This is the converter for the mini tapes to standard VHS.