SirTalksALot releases new anthem for rural America, “Small Town”, in response to Jason Aldean’s racist dogwhistle video

Jason Aldean’s video for his song “Try That in a Small Town” sparked controversy for being problematic, promoting violence and rural aggression. Then, the video featuring some problematic imagery caused even more controversy.  This might not have been the case had Jason and his side-chick-turned-2nd-wife, anti-vaxxer, Insurrection Barbie and he not had a history of racist behavior, including Jason doing blackface. 

As a former radio personality and country radio programmer, I’m all too familiar with Jason’s personality, attitude toward others, and his arrogance.  I was programming radio when Jason broke and I played “Dirt Road Anthem” when it was Colt Ford and Brantley Gilbert. 

I’m not stranger to making music, so I thought, Jason Aldean is a no-talent hack with barely a 100 IQ. I can write, record, and produce my own music. I even have help polishing it up a little.  If Jason Aldean can make a song, literally ANYBODY can.  You should, too! 

So, here is MY take on what Small Town America is REALLY like – from the perspective of someone who got out – of that cultism.

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