Josh Brandon Discusses Trauma, Cultism, and Critical Thinking on “The Adult Child of Dysfunction” podcast with Tammy Vincent

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Author, Speaker, and Personal Coach Tammy Vincent hosts The Adult Child of Dysfunction podcast (hosted on AudacyApple Podcasts, and more).  Bringing her experience dealing with trauma as well as her professional perspective as an educator, she helps her audience learn new pathways to healing through her own commentary as well as the inclusion of stories from guests from a variety of areas and expertise.  

In this episode, guest Josh Brandon comes on to speak about trauma, cultism, and critical thinking.  Josh breaks down deconstruction and critically thinking through our traumas and the events that happen throughout our lives.  His book, “The Compassion and Critical Thinking Workbook” is a companion to his “Overthinking Everything About You” series due out the first half of 2024.  Josh discusses his book, his journey, and his perspective on healing through a pragmatic approach to becoming more compassionate.  Also in his book, Josh offers exercises and journaling exercises that can help with recalibrating our mindfulness, but also demonstrating the importance of critical thinking.  

Josh also discusses his recent near-death experience and how that has affected him, how he is working through it, and the importance of addressing trauma as it happens to you rather than when it rears its ugly head again down the road when you least expect it or need it.  

Josh’s new book, “INFLUENCE: Overthinking Everything About Social Media“, is also available on Amazon with 5 FREE Bonus Tools to help content creators create more compelling content and organize their content better.  

Tammy Vincent’s books, focused on overcoming the trauma associated with surviving alcoholic parents, can be found here