Labour Pains

Somewhere between a full episode of Overthinking Everything and an Overthinking Everything: Quick Thought is this. Labour Pains talks about how the American workforce has been subjugated and bullied into submission, surrendering their rights in our system.

Read these articles about the FDA


This is a fascinating study paralleling the Tobacco and Food industries


Does your Representative Represent YOU?


Before and After is fun, too


And you think your BOSS gets paid more than you?  Check out what their boss’ boss’ boss’ boss makes!


And what the Hell is THIS?  Who voted for THIS?


Capitalism hard at work!


Child Labour in America?




Learn more about the Electoral College


Spoilers:  It’s about race…


A fun point and counterpoint


Democratic Socialists have their own party…


And, America has a history with Socialism, didjaknow?


Communism as compared between Russia and China


The collapse of Russia’s economy


Remember the New Deal?


And then there’s this one…


Corporate Greed is such a big deal it’s got it’s own page with the AFL/CIO


You don’t think you’re being mind-controlled?


You may just be a number…but you’re worth a LOT of numbers to Corporate America…


And here are an abundance of resources on Healthcare in America.  If you want to know why you pay SO much for healthcare in America – it’s to buy someone ELSE a boat!