A Facebook Memory of Failure

Three Years ago, I posted about how much of a failure I felt like, for some reason I don’t even remember. So, I just wanted to offer for a future memory for myself and anyone else who needs to hear this…
Since this post, I have:
• Written, Recorded, Released 10 Singles as SirTalksALot.
• Written, Recorded, Produced, and Released 57 episodes of a research-driven deep-dive informational podcast, Overthinking Everything (with more to come!).
• Flew to New York to appear in a full-length feature film, Pancakes & Syrup
• Lent my voice to hundreds of commercials, training videos, animation, audio drama, podcast, narration, and various other voiceover and voice acting projects
• On THAT note, I achieved a childhood dream when I got to voice Batman in a project due out next year!
• I met a brave group of friends, allies, and comrades who showed me what true commitment to a cause looks like
• To that end, I got onto several Nazi’s dark-web hit lists
• I amassed thousands of social media followers, then lost most of them along with the accounts, and written about what I learned along the way. Despite that, I have thousands more followers, a much larger reach, and a bigger audience today than I did when I posted this.
• I have met some dear friends, flourished relationships with old friends, discovered new people, new fans, and true ride-or-dies who have helped me grow exponentially as I have tried to help them grow
• Among other speaking engagements and personal appearances, I spoke at my alma mater about my podcast and the state of social media
• I also survived some loss, some heartbreak, near death experiences, an accident or two, and the aforementioned death threats – all-in-all, lots of days like the one I wrote about three years ago.
That last thing is just GOING to be. Everything before it? That’s up to you. If you read this thinking I am bragging, maybe I am. Maybe I need to. Maybe I don’t enough. Maybe I don’t enough to remind you that it CAN happen. Your dreams CAN come true. You CAN accomplish the things in your mind.
Three years ago, I felt like a failure. I kind of still do. I’m sure I will be chasing that sense of accomplishment and achievement until I stop chasing, period. It isn’t that the feelings of struggle or failure shouldn’t be there. They always will.
Never give up. EVER. You FIGHT. You fight FOR compassion, and you fight WITH compassion. But whatever you do, don’t let one day stop you from becoming YOU.