And Now…An Author!

I decided a few years ago to step away from the corporate world and try to make it on my own.  I had no idea then what that would look like.  Since, I’ve followed my dreams – all of them!  

I tasked myself with some personal goals and projects.  I enjoy the freedom to create!  My first book is part of a series of Journal Journeys, 30-Day Journals filled with writing prompts, thought starters, and activities that will help you achieve certain goals.  

30 Days to a Better Relationship with Your Child, the first in this series, sets forth a 30-Day comprehensive action plan designed to bring you closer to your child.  I wanted to write a book for parents from the perspective of personal growth and development but with a child-focused approach.  

Often, when we, as parents, try to relate to our children, we do so by making it about us.  We tell them stories to engage them or to let them know we were like them.  This journal is designed to help you ask the questions that will get your child talking about the things they’re interested it!  You can learn SO much about your child this way.  

I am proud of this journal and I believe that if one gives this a try, the results can be fulfilling.  

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