“Transisters” by Jay Huling, presented by The Tennessee Stage Company

It’s a joy and an honour to be able to participate in the Tennessee Stage Company‘s New Play Festival 2021! The final show in the series is Jay Huling‘s “Transisters”, a play about a lovable down-on-his-luck everyman named Joke Cassidy (yours truly) , who has recently experienced some significant speedbumps in life and is willing to go to almost any lengths to keep his oldest friend and rival from discovering just how bad off he is. Guy loses job. Guy loses girl. Old friend visits from out of town. Hijinks ensue.

A delightful farce with heart, emotion, and characters you’re going to love! The pacing and physical nature of the comedy would truly shine in all its glory on the stage, where this play will eventually come to life somewhere. As an actor, this play is one I will regret not getting to perform on a stage, properly.

This process has been very fascinating as a performer. This will be a live reading (a radio play, if you will) of the script through Zoom. Over the last year, I’ve participated in several Zoom or video conference type projects. These always pose different challenges for the performer to overcome, just as with performing live. Everything from unmuting your mic to your wi-fi freezing and lag issues fouling up your timing are the new hurdles performers have had to overcome performing in a pandemic. This show has been a true pleasure to rehearse and perform.

Friday, April 16th, see “Transisters” by Jay Huling! Click the link below to register. It’s a free show, but donate if you can. We all must support the arts until we can all get back out to see plays live again!

“Transisters” features Josh Brandon as Joke Cassidy, Cat Glidwell as Evolee Blake, David Silverthorn as Baller, Noah McBrayer Jones as Randolph Canard, Nina Lucy Locke as Strawberry Canard, Greg Helton as Hyman, Leslie Marberry as Fabienne, and Christina Scott Sayer as Katya. “Transisters” is directed by Steve Trigg for the Tennessee Stage Company’s New Play Festival 2021. This play was written by Jay Huling.

REGISTER TO SEE “TRANSISTERS”: https://tinyurl.com/REGISTERNewPlayFest