First Trailer for “Presumption of Guilt”

Upcoming film featuring Josh Brandon as Lead Prosecutor Bill Kephart in the true story of Kirsten Blaise Lobato, who spent 16 years in prison before DNA evidence exonerated her.

The true story behind Kirsten Blaise Loboto and her 16-year incarceration for a crime she didn’t commit is sordid, disturbing, and a harrowing tale of the injustice of our “justice” system.  Thanks to DNA evidence and new technology, Lobato was freed, but her story is one people need to hear.  

I had the opportunity to work with director Austin Tutor for the second time on “Presumption of Guilt” recently and was treated to a professional, generous, and supportive set and crew, along with some very talented actors from across the southeast.  

I play Lead Prosecutor Bill Kephart, who fought to take the case against Lobato and pursued her wrongful conviction.  The film stars Carlee Soeder in the lead role with Marissa Maddox as Judge Vega, Ali Thomas as Gloria Navarro, Mike Stanley as Tom Thowsen, Marc Hockl as Philip Kohn, among many others and is being produced by Vivid Entertainment.  

BtS photos credit:  Noah Stone