Your Journal Journey: 30 Days to a Better Relationship with your Child


This downloadable PDF e-Book is designed to provide a 30-day Journal Journey to a Better Relationship with Your Child.  Thoughtfully crafted writing prompts and activities that are child-focused provide a different perspective on getting to know your child from their point of view.  Many parents struggle relating to and communicating with their children.  It takes less than a month to form or break a habit.  With that in mind, and factoring in human development theory, this journal provides a realistic and attainable goal:  30 days to improve your relationship with your child.  Written by actor and voiceover artist Josh Brandon.



These are a series of 30-Day Journals filled with thoughtful and carefully designed writing prompts as well as activity suggestions that will bring greater results and deeper understandings of yourself and those around you.

In the first of the series, author Josh Brandon offers “30 Days to a Better Relationship with Your Child”.  Designed for children 8 and up, this e-Book is a downloadable PDF file that explores your child’s interests and encourages a child-focused approach to relating and bonding with your child.

As parents, we all struggle sometimes feeling like we’re connecting with our children.  A lot of that can be explained through the science of human development.  Josh Brandon taps into those philosophies, as well as the ideas behind habit-forming/habit-breaking science to craft a unique and easy-to-follow daily guide to growing as a parent and as a person.

The journal can be printed and written on or downloaded and converted for typing.  It’s encouraged to journal every day, at the end of the day for reflection and wind-down.  These writing prompts and activities require thought and some planning.  With your purchase of your Journal Journey: 30 Days to a Better Relationship with Your Child, you also get Premier access to the corresponding YouTube video series hosted by Josh Brandon, which is COMING SOON!

When you’ve completed the journal, you may find it a gift full of thoughts, feelings, and memories that will last long after you’re gone and tell a true story of who you are as a parent.  We all miss our loved ones who have passed.  What a gift this would be for generations to come!

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