Automotive BDC / Internet Sales Consulting

Working for several years as an Internet Manager and BDC Agent in the automotive industry provided me with an inside look at how dealerships handle their ever-growing number of internet, phone, and campaign clients. Deals slip through the cracks and money is lost all because you have questions you don’t have answers for and there are questions you may not even know to ask.
The car business is changing…evolving…and the days of walking the lot waiting for an ol’ tire kicker to make your month are ending. Today, those clients are where you’re at! On a mobile device or computer. Communicate with them better – more effectively – and increase your bottom line!

The Bottom Line

Speaking of bottom line, the bottom line is, I know how to communicate with the online shopper! My method is proven and has shows appointment-show ratios in the 80%’s! Josh Brandon Consulting offers customizable services to suit any budget and bundle packages with a host of a la carte services crafted specifically to your dealership’s needs!

I can save those deals that are slipping through the cracks. I can salvage deals that might be thought lost. I can INCREASE your appointment ratios, your show ratios, your conversions-to-sales figures, and your ROI will be through the roof because unlike many big companies, I’m just a guy who knows a whole lot about Automotive Internet Sales. My rates are competitive. My services are able to be customized to your budget and your needs. Allow me to complete a Wants and Needs analysis with a quick 20 minute phone call or email [email protected] for more info.

Services Include

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Coaching of BDC Agents and Communications

Secret Shopping via Phone/Email/Text

Personalized Templates for Email Communication

Customized Workflows (Specialized in eLead CRM software)

Conference Calls

Management of Online Used Car Descriptions with focus on SEO best practices as well as client-centered (Specialized in VAuto Inventory Management Software)

Customized Strategic Phone Scripts with Live and/or Remote Training

Social Media content using Customized Car Video with Voiceover and Music (using footage shot remotely or with website photos) (Many use this feature for old-age units)

Live Training Sessions (3-Day and 5-Day Packages)

Round-the-clock Customer Service