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Josh Brandon, Author and host of Overthinking Everything

Influence by Josh Brandon available on Amazon

INFLUENCE: Overthinking Everything About Social Media

My new book, INFLUENCE, is filled with advice, philosophy, and ideas to help grow your social media brand beyond a single app.  A professional actorvoiceover artistmusic recording artistsocial media activist and author of The Compassion and Critical Thinking Workbook, I feel like my experience and perspective could benefit the many talented people I see stepping up to the microphone and in front of the camera.  I believe social media is the new frontier of entertainment media and we all are the pioneers!  

Today, anything is possible, and it has never been easier to express yourself.  In INFLUENCE, I am offering my perspective on the social media entertainment landscape through the lens of three decades of experience spanning the areas of broadcasting, entertainment, journalism, marketing, and social media.  I want to help us all grow and be better – creating a better, more professional and respectful social media space.  

The Compassion and Critical Thinking Workbook:
Overthinking Everything About You

Examining the biases, prejudices, and traumas that form even our foundational beliefs and values, my first book in the Overthinking Everything series walks the reader through a journey of self-discovery and encourages the reader to continue that process, using the tools gained from this experience.  These skills and techniques can be used to think more critically about new information and help solidify your ideas. 

This book can also be a crash course in humility but can have a tremendous upside. Pride often stands in the way of admitting we were wrong, but when we practice compassion and critical thinking, it will encourage others to as well.  By being brave enough to admit when we have been wrong, we can empower others to show similar bravery.

Your Journal Journey: 30 Days to a Better Relationship With Your Child

My first book, “30 Days to a Better Relationship with Your Child”, is designed for parents with children 8 and up, this e-Book is a downloadable PDF file that explores your child’s interests and encourages a child-focused approach to relating and bonding with your child.  

As parents, we all struggle sometimes feeling like we’re connecting with our children.  A lot of that can be explained through the science of human development.  Josh Brandon taps into those philosophies, as well as the ideas behind habit-forming/habit-breaking science to craft a unique and easy-to-follow daily guide to growing as a parent and as a person.  

Overthinking Everything About You: CUPS of COMPASSION

A series of Self-Help books serving as companions to The Compassion and Critical Thinking Workbook.

For Entertainment Purposes Only

Exploring the Dumbing Down and Numbing Down of America.   Based on the podcast Overthinking Everything: Deconstructing a Culture of Cultism