A Note from Josh Brandon Media Regarding Media Inquiries

To clarify for all future media request and interview guest inquiries,

Josh Brandon and Josh Brandon Media will consider media requests only from LEGITIMATE media outlets and for the sole purpose of:

I have no interest in granting interviews for the sole purpose of a media outlet attempting to gain relevance, clout, or use my name, brand, likeness, or ideas to further their white supremacist, fascist agenda. Beyond that, for me to consider local radio, would be so far below my priority list for self-promotion, I wouldn’t waste my time with it outside of my own local area. Radio, for the purpose of mass promotion, is irrelevant. Especially Connedservative hate speech local radio, which is present in every small town in America and is just as vile and cancerous everywhere it’s allowed to fester.  There is nothing special about any of them.  OF COURSE, THEY WANT TO INTERVIEW ME!  I would, too, if I had a shitty local radio station in a barely ranked media market. OF COURSE, I would! Why wouldn’t I?

While this may be your first day with your new Josh, believe me when I say I’ve met thousands of you and you’re all the same. It’s the same lame conversation and talking points for decades. I am evolved, advanced, and educated above and beyond talking down.

Josh Brandon and Josh Brandon Media won’t consider connedservative media. The audience isn’t able to read my books and they aren’t smart enough to understand my show. They surely wouldn’t wear one of my shirts. Beyond that, I doubt a connedservative-leaning outlet would agree to pay my booking fee in the first place, which, thanks to free-market American Capitalism, is around $75,000 per hour, in advance, for Right-leaning inquires.

That’s a comma, not a decimal.

It must benefit me. That’s why entertainers, authors, and social media influencers do interviews in the first place. And simply put, I haven’t had a conversation with a Connedservative in over 25 years that benefited me in any way.

Bring something to the table or stop asking for interviews that are way out of your league.

For future inquires by Connedservative media outlets, please refer to my talent management and booking agent for Right-Wing outlets, Rod Fitzwell, Uppyerarse Yewkunt and Faquauph at [email protected].

Any questions must be submitted in writing, in triplicate, at the end of the tour.  Thank you and Good Day.  


Josh Brandon