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Josh Brandon Raw Story Cookeville
Tennessee cops let violent neo-Nazis off with warnings after they menaced a charity drag show
Proud to be the voice of Charlotte's Sports Leader!
Amber LeMay's podcast
Josh Brandon guests on Amber Live! to discuss Overthinking Everything and Tennessee's State of Hate with anti-LGBTQ+ laws and organizations

Dive deep into the socio-political atmosphere of the United States with “Overthinking Everything: Deconstructing a Culture of Cultism.” This podcast explores the origins and influence of our ideas, questioning everything we’ve been taught and examining it from a fresh perspective. Discover how our loyalty to these ideas and traditions often borders on cultism. “Overthinking Everything” lays it all out, scrutinizing politics, religion, pop culture, history, and the pervasive impact of toxic white southern culture. Hosted by a lifelong southerner with a complex past and a former country radio programmer, this podcast provides a unique, insider’s view on these critical issues.

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