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Josh Brandon Raw Story Cookeville
Tennessee cops let violent neo-Nazis off with warnings after they menaced a charity drag show
Proud to be the voice of Charlotte's Sports Leader!
Amber LeMay's podcast
Josh Brandon guests on Amber Live! to discuss Overthinking Everything and Tennessee's State of Hate with anti-LGBTQ+ laws and organizations


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Josh Brandon is an immaculate voice guy! Every radio station has to have a certain 'sound', and Josh has given that to us. His voice has become as important in identifying our station as our on air talents.
Josh Brandon, the Voice of ESPN Charlotte
Mario Washington
GM - 730 The Game, ESPN Charlotte
Josh is professional, accommodating and very good at what he does. His responses are prompt and has a very good grasp of the task at hand. Not to mention his voice is lovely. Will definitely be working with him again.
Global IT Services

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