The Happy-Hubby-Homemaker

A full-time voice actor, I own and operate my own business.  Just prior to the Summer of 2016, I decided to leave my last successful career path, the automotive retail business where I had been a digital marketing manager.  I wanted to focus on my dreams of being a full-time voice actor and a high … Read more

Teaching, Education, and School

Along with being a full-time voice actor, I am also a graduate student pursuing my lifelong dream of being a high school teacher.  I have a passion for subjects like History, English (Literature and Writing), Public Speaking, Theatre, and even Family and Consumer Sciences.  While I will begin my path as an English Language Arts … Read more

A Decade Without My Dad

It’s been 10 years since My Father spoke to me.  10 years and roughly two weeks.   I took His life right around this time a decade ago.  I keep telling myself He was never going to recover.  It was merciful.  It was the honourable thing to do.  It was what I was placed here … Read more

American Economics: 101 Ok..let’s talk about Economics for just a moment. Let’s talk about AMERICAN Economics.   The article I linked above is the latest in a long list of examples of Republicans “not getting it” when it comes to the working class.  Still, in the last election, they managed to win over a large portion of … Read more

Playing the Part: From Career-Minded Workaholic to Happy Hubby Homemaker

I am a __________. Over the course of my lives, I have filled in that blank with many things:  Father, Husband, Friend, Radio Personality, Small Market Country Radio Programmer, Comedian, Actor, Car Salesman, Internet Manager (and all the fancy derivatives I use to make that sound fancier than it is). But when we step outside … Read more

UnAmerican Patriotism

When I was in radio I consistently saw several songs have through the roof research scores in the years following the 9/11 WTC attacks.  “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)”, “Have You Forgotten”, “The Angry American” and “God Bless the USA”.  All songs have a few things in common.  For one, they are … Read more

Danny Lee: He Who Has Nothing Gave Me The Greatest Gift Of All. Perspective.

I won’t lie.  The last few weeks for me have been a difficult mixture of frustration and just deep sadness.  I get in these funks after long (involuntary) periods without seeing my daughters.  It’s almost like withdrawals.  The longer I go…the more numb I get.  Checking my emotions at the door in ANY facet of … Read more


We are TAUGHT how to Love.  It’s a lesson learned.  Sure, some of it is instinct…we’re humans…we nurture…but for the most part…we aren’t given a handbook on how to love someone.  Well…The Bible…but for argument’s sake and the fact that everyone’s Faith is different, we’ll just stick with my original point. We are TAUGHT to … Read more